About Wild Iowa Outfitters

What We Do

If you’re needing a break from your normal routine and looking to spend some quality time in Nature, enjoying the sun and fresh air while exploring the hidden beauty of the Midwest, then you’ve come to the right place! Here are 3 reasons canoe camping is just what you’ve been looking for:

Why ‘Wild Iowa’?

Most folks think of the Midwest as ‘corn and soybean country’. However, there’s more to Iowa (and Missouri, and Illinois, and…) than farm fields! Did you know that the Midwest has many designated Wild and Scenic Rivers and large national forests? In addition, Iowa (and the Midwest) has one of the lowest population densities in the country. Because of this, there is an amazing abundance of wildlife ‘hiding’ along the edges of fields and forests (and sometimes right in your back yard)!

About The Guides

Mark and Newlin Wilkins have a lifetime of experience canoeing, camping, and living in the country. As a father and son team, they have spent countless hours in the woods, on the water, and along trails. With a deep knowledge of place, they are continually developing and experimenting with what works best and what doesn’t, and are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with you!

Mark Wilkins

Mark grew up hunting and fishing the mountains of Colorado and has been taking youth groups on annual canoe trips for the last 15 years. In addition to being an avid outdoorsman, Mark is a potter with 45 years of experience throwing in the traditional Japanese-style production techniques.

Newlin Wilkins

Newlin grew up amid the fields and forest of rural Southeast Iowa before there was ‘Netflix’, ‘Amazon Prime’, and ‘Hulu’ (or even fast internet, for that matter). This lifelong, deep connection to the outdoors has led Newlin on extended canoe trips in the BWCA, long backpacking trips, and many hours tracking, exploring, and practicing bushcraft skills.

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If you’re looking to have an unforgettable outdoor experience learning new skills, connecting with nature, and having fun, you’ve come to the right place! Please check out our guided canoe camping trips for more details on trip planning, what to expect, and the list of available canoe trips for 2021.