Guided Canoe Camping Trips

Guided canoe camping trips are an incredible way to experience nature without having to worry about logistics, transportation, or meals. You paddle by day, camp by night, and enjoy an immersive experience reconnecting with nature, yourself, and your group while our expert guides ensure your trips is smooth, fun and invigorating!

We offer guided canoe camping trips lasting 2 to 5 days on scenic waterways in three states: Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri. Canoe camping involves packing everything that you need for a trip. We specialize in “low impact” canoe camping, so the trip doesn’t require a lot of gear. If you’re wondering about why you should consider a guided canoe camping trip – here are some reasons why canoe camping is awesome!

Canoe Camping Connects You with Nature 

There’s nothing wrong with the city life, but there is a certain “feel” that wildlife brings that technology simply cannot replace. For some campers, they appreciate that they can see the stars in the sky at night, while others love the fact that they can hear and see wildlife everywhere around them. Canoe camping is an incredible way to connect with nature and unplug from your devices for a while!

Learn New Skills On Our Canoe Camping Trips

We would all like to think that we have a certain skill set, but what about knowing what it takes to survive? You can learn new survival skills along with your family that they might not get to learn anywhere else. On our canoe camping trips, we also teach about ecology, tracking, and primitive cooking as part of the experience!

Of course, these skills could end up coming in handy down the line. A trip in a canoe outfitter can teach you more skills about starting fires, cooking meals, first aid, setting up tents, and more.

Building Relationships

Of course, one of the most incredible things about canoe camping is that you can share experiences with people that you care about. There aren’t phones and laptops to interrupt your conversations on a canoe outfitter. If you are interested in building relationships and avoiding the distractions that can get in the way, canoe camping can be a great way to remain close with loved ones!

How To Book Your Canoe Camping Trip

Booking a trip with Wild Iowa Outfitters is easy! The following steps outline the basic process of setting up a trip. Don’t worry, you can easily reserve your spot online with us today and we will walk you through the details and final arrangements, once confirmed.

  1. Review Trip Choices. Below are the trip choices we are currently offering. Take some time to review each one and see which one will best fit you, your group, and the type of experience you want to have. Keep in mind different rivers will have different experiences, so if you have never been canoeing before, don’t pick one with a harder river to paddle!
  2. Book Your Trip. Once you’ve found the right trip, you can securely book it through this website. During checkout, you will be able to specify what dates you prefer and we can finale it over the phone/via email. While we require payment in full up-front, we do have a 30-day refund guarantee.
  3. Receive confirmation. Once you make the payment, you will get an automatic email confirming your trip is booked. However, within 72 hours one of our staff members will contact you by phone to confirm the details of the trip, answer any questions, and nail down the date and other details.
  4. Relax! Your trip is booked.

WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ THE FAQ PRIOR TO BOOKING – please don’t hestiate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Canoe Camping Trips Questions – Answered!

How will I get to the river?

Plane, train or automobile! We do not provide transportation to the river – we will meet you and/or your group at the launching off point. We highly recommend groups to determine a designated meeting point early in the day/night before the trip starts and caravan/carpool to the push-off point where you meet up with us. This will allow any unforeseen events to potentially be avoided early on, rather than wondering where someone is when we’re trying to get on the river.

On the last day, Wild Iowa Outfitters will transport/arrange for transportation back to the vehicles after we’ve pulled-out (included in trip amenities)

What do I need to bring?

Yourself and your sense of adventure (and a few other items)! We provide the food and mess materials. You will need to provide, in addition to basic personal items (see below), basic camping gear outlined below:

Basic camping equipment you will need to bring:
– Tent
– Sleeping pad
– Sleeping bags w/ camp pillows
– Camp chair

Additional personal items you will want to bring – this list is not exhaustive, please ensure you are planning ahead with what you need:
– Clothes for each day + 1 full extra set
– Water shoes/sandals and ‘regular’ shoes (sneakers, hiking boots) to wear around camp
– Toiletries (toothbrush, soap, etc)
– Leisure activities (books, etc)
– Snacks
– Medicine
– Notebook and pen
– Camera (smartphone is fine but you will not have cell service)
– Water bottle
– Day pack
– etc etc.

Wild Iowa Outfitters provides:
– Cooking equipment
– Mess equipment
– Fresh food for breakfast, light lunch, and dinner
– Dry bags for your equipment
– Canoes and related equipment

Is Food Included?

Yes! Food is included. We provide breakfast, a light lunch, and dinner. Food is typically light and fairly simple (and delicious). Once the trip is booked, we will send a questionnaire/intake form to gather important information, including dietary restrictions, etc your group may have. We will do our best to accommodate, and your participation in ensuring everyone in the group is cared-for is essential!

How Will I Get Home?

On the day we pull out, Wild Iowa Outfitters will arrange for transportation back to the vehicle parked at the original push-off point. After that point, you and your group will be responsible for arranging whatever transportation you need to get yourself back home. We can assist with helping you plan, but we cannot provide direct transportation.

I Changed My Mind, Do I Get a Refund?

We have a 30-day refund guarantee – if you change your mind in the first 30 days after booking your trip, we will refund your money, no questions asked (see the full 30-day refund guarantee here).

I’ve Never Been Canoeing – Is That Ok?

Of course! We can accommodate groups with both novice and experienced paddlers alike (separately or in the same group) – we will ensure you are provided with enough instruction to feel comfortable on the river. We only run ‘hard’ trips on special requests, so any trip you are able to book directly on the website should be safe for any level of experience and once you finish your first trip, you’ll feel comfortable paddling in most circumstances.

Is There A Minimum Group Size?

Yes! Due to the nature of transporation, food, and the guided services, there is a 6 person minimum. You can bring less in your group, but the minimum charge will be for 6 people.


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