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Canoe Camping I
Canoe Camping I
Canoe Camping I
Canoe Camping I

Canoe Camping I

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Skill Level: Beginner
Prerequesite: None

The Canoe Camping I class is a hands-on, fun filled adventure that teaches students basic primitive and low-impact camping skills while experiencing some of the Midwest’s most beautiful rivers.

Aside from having a fun-filled adventure, the goal of this class is to:

  • Provide a foundation in nature connection practices to facilitate a deeper and more meaningful connection to Nature, on and off the river.
  • Equip students with a core set of skills and hands-on practice of low-impact and primitive living skills to elevate their outdoor experiences
  • Create a mentoring environment to facilitate new friendships and connections between the class participants.

Participants walk away from the class with a new set of skills and friends, and memories to last a lifetime!

During this experience, we provide a safe environment to ‘learn by doing’ - guides are living the skills they are teaching during the trip so that you can see and learn first-hand from an experienced professional. We do not bring modern fire making tools (lighters, matches, etc) or gas-powered cooking equipment. Class memebers are expected to participate fully in camp duties to practice learning how to function as a coherent unit. Everyone will get a chance to gather and cut firewood, help prepare campsites, cook, clean and enjoy the rythm of working and living as a team (in addition to plenty of down time)!

Class Agenda & Timeline

Day 1: Orientation / Location & Resource Assessment

Location 1: 3- 4hr paddle time ~ 10 miles

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Canoeing basics
  • Site setup: resources and hazards
  • Intro: Fire making

Day 2: Fire, Tools, and Knots

  • Friction fire: bow drill
  • Modern fire-making techniques - Ferro rod, flint & steel
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Equipment: basics
  • Knife selection and sharpening
  • Making rope
  • Knots you should know
  • Free time!
  • Char cloth making

Day 3: Cooking

Location 2: 3 - 4hr paddle time ~ 10 miles

  • Modern and primitive water sanitation
  • How to Cook Primitive
  • Coals
  • Stews
  • Containers
  • Practical Experience
  • Intro to Tracking

Day 4: Tracking & Bird Language

Location 3: 3 - 4hr paddle time ~ 10 miles

  • What is tracking - more than footprints!
  • Sign Tracking 101
  • Bird Language Basics
  • Practical experience (evening)

Day 5: Fishing, Hunting & Trapping

  • Practical experience (morning)
  • What is my environment telling me?
  • Understanding animal needs
  • Modern fishing equipment
  • Primitive fishing
  • Practical experience (midday)
  • ‘Frog Gigs’
  • Rabbit sticks
  • Deadfalls
  • Snares
  • How to Clean Game

Day 6: Review / Cleanup

Pullout: 1 - 2 hr paddle time, ~ 5 miles

  • Review / Q&A
  • Beyond this class: keep learning!


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