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Adventure Awaits!

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Adventure Awaits!

Lose Your Mind, Come to Your Senses

Our goal at Wild Iowa Outfitters is to provide fun, engaging and unforgettable experiences that connect people with Nature, themselves and eachother. Through guided canoe trips in some of the Midwest's best 'secret spots', particpants get an opportunity to reconnect with Nature while learning low-impact camping skills in a hands-on approach in a 'live' environment while on the trip.


Reconnect with Nature and Enliven your Senses!


Learn New Skills And Have a Ton of Fun!


Explore and Awaken Your Sense of Adventure!


Develop Independence & Feel More Confident

Join the Adventure in 2023!

We are planning the 2023 season adventures! See the listing of canoe adventures that will be available this upcoming year. If you would like to be notified as soon as they are posted, please visit the adventure page and sign up email notifications.

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