LIMITED EDITION 'Bushmaster Special' 4 1/2" Fixed Blade Knife

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When it’s time to head out and enjoy the great outdoors, we’ve been clear on what makes the best bushcraft knife. The ideal choice is a camp knife that is comfortable in the hand, easy to maintain, built to last, and capable of withstanding the elements, every time you take it to task.

This limited edition 4 ½” fixed-blade camping knife stands apart for its design, its durability, and its capabilities in the field.

Let’s explore why this truly is the best bushcraft knife for your camping needs.

The 4 ½” Blade

As any outdoor expert will tell you, finding the right size for the best bushcraft knife can be a delicate art. Yet in our experience, a solid 4 ½” blade is a fantastic sweet spot. It promotes ease of use, comfort in the hand, and strength against more stubborn materials – but also remains suitably portable and easy to maintain, even in the field.

The blade of your new camping knife is also made from a solid 3/16” Sandvik steel blade. That means you have additional chromium within the blade to enhance its resistance to corrosion from the elements – but also that you sustain that keen edge and overall hardness as found in carbon steel blades.

The Micarta Handle

Even the best bushcraft knife isn’t worth the sharpness of its blade if the handle lets you down in durability or comfort.

This camp knife features a solid micarta handle – a synthetic resin designed to stand strong against wind, rain, heat, and cold, all while staying solid in your grip and comfortably aligning to the curve of your palm.

The Flat Grind

Having a blunt camping knife in the middle of a long-haul stay in the great outdoors can seriously complicate endeavors.

Even the best bushcraft knife cannot live up to its full potential if the capacity for keeping the blade keen isn’t too hard. The included flat grind with your new 4 ½” camping knife will ensure you’re able to sharpen the blade in the field time and time again – easily, efficiently, and effectively, whether you have portable sharpening stones or river rocks.

The Leather Sheath

Safely handling, storing, and carrying a camping knife is as important as the capabilities of the tool itself. That’s why your new 4 ½” camp knife comes complete with a high-quality leather sheath – equal parts safe and stylish.

Are you ready to get out there with the best bushcraft knife at your side?

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